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Vermont Castings Encore Two-in-One Woodstove

Vermont Castings Encore Two-in-One Woodstove

Vermont Castings Encore Two-in-One Woodstove

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The Encore is a large woodburning stove with large glazed double doors to provide a generous viewing area for the benefits provided by a stove and the benefit of being able to open the doors for an open fire effect when fitted with a spark guard (the Encore must be installed with a 200mm flue to operate with the doors open). Equipped with an airwash facility to give cleaner glass during operation, stove top cooking plate providing plenty of space for a kettle or casserole to simmer on and automatic thermostatic operation, the Encore is a step above the competition.

It has a large capacity ashpan which conveniently swings out to allow a lid to be fitted for ease of removal. The Encore can be refuelled through the top plate for convenience or the front doors. The Encore Two-in-One is supplied with an easy to remove catalyser to ensure ease of servicing whilst ensuring greater efficiency and has a nominal output of 8kw, a minimum output of 5.5Kw and a maximum output of 12Kw. The Encore is DEFRA approved allowing wood to be burned in smoke controlled areas.

Spec Value
Height 686mm
Width 600mm
Depth 572mm
Output 8Kw nominal
Efficiency 68.3% gross 78.5% net
Temperature below 100 degrees at the hearth
Weight 215kg
Diameter 150mm
Boiler 0
Encore Feature List

• DEFRA approved
• Hand crafted 19th Century Vermont architectural styling
• Top and front loading
• Catalytic combustion
• Air Wash
• Thermostatically controlled
• Large ashpan
• Leg levellers for ease of installation
• Max log length 560mm
• Burn time of up to 10 hours
• Stove Fuel Choices: Wood
• Stove Flue Choices: Rear flue exit / Top flue exit
  • Part Number: 0002040
  • Shipping Weight (kg): 215
  • Door Option: Single Door
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