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Installation by our HETAS Approved Engineers

We have a local fitting team that can quote for both supply and fitting of your wood or multi fuel stove. Based in Bedfordshire our team will be more than happy to provide a fitting service and ensure that the stove you want is correct for your home.

There are lots of planning regulations to consider in order to correctly install your stove and have it approved, our engineers are HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme) certified. This is an advisory department set up to ensure that all installations are carried out to the same high standards throughout the UK, having your stove fitted by a HETAS approved installer will also satisfy your home insurer and give you peace of mind that the job has been carried out correctly and to a standard specification.

Below is a link to the HETAS website that outlines their role in the installation of wood burning stoves.


If you need any fitting advice or want a quote please get in touch with us so that we can arrange for our team to drop by. Our fitters are just that and are not in any way sales people, they will only quote for works and offer you dependable honest information for you to make your final decision.

When our engineers visit you they will run through the following main areas:

  • Initially check the location of the stove site.
  • Calculate the room area to ensure the correct stove has been selected
  • Visually inspect your chimney/flue to ensure it is acceptable
  • Take down any further information and discuss your options with you

A quote is then available within 5 to 7 days, this will include a timescale of work and details as to what procedures will be taken and what is required in order to install your stove correctly.

Should you choose to go ahead with our installation we will provide a completion certificate for you to keep and if required produce to your home insurer. Please note that regardless of who fits your stove, by using a HETAS approved installer you do not need to consult your building regulations authority as all HETAS approved installers are qualified without the need for Building Control. If you have a builder install your stove and any alterations including fitting a flue liner are carried out you must have Building Control sign off on that part.