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Stove Building Regulations - Doc J

Under all circumstances you must seek advice from your local planning authority regarding the fitment of a wood or multi fuel stove. Doc J outlines the regulations and provides information for fitting any combustion appliance, you will also need to ask if there are any smoke restrictions where you live and in some cases also inform your home insurer that you are having a stove fitted, they may ask for documentation to keep on file that the stove has been fitted to the correct regulations.

For your convenience the link below will open a 4.6mb PDF of the specific Document J for fitting combustion appliances and fuel storage systems, this is the 2010 edition and so is referenced as a guide only.

The Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document J Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems 2010 Edition

Since Doc J was updated in October 2010 one big amendment is that a CO Alarm is now required at all times, room ventilation has also been added to and changes made. There are DEFRA exempt stoves available that can now be connected to a 125mm chimney outlet, pallet stoves can also be ported through 100mm chimneys provided they are of the correct type.

In almost all cases of fitting any stove it is a requirement that a flue liner be used and installed, with this in mind please be aware that any works carried out in relation to the chimney including dropping in a liner falls under Building Control, thus will need signing off by your local planning department.

Any existing or new chimney, including flue will require a visual inspection to ensure that it has been constructed/installed correctly and that no obstacles or obstruction is present, and that it is of suitable size for the appliance being installed.

Before fitting a wood or multi-fuel burner it is advised that the chimney/flue be swept by a professional and a smoke test is carried out to ensure that the draw is adequate, your chimney sweep will be able to perform a smoke test for you.